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At HilArk, we have a predefined set of factors we utilize to value deals based on criteria such as current opportunity set, capital, valuations, and post-renovation forecasts.


We determine the most beneficial funding mix for our investors on a deal-by-deal basis. Once determined, we work with our network of lenders to optimize financing and acquire the property seamlessly. 


Using our network, we manage the renovation process in a way that will maximize returns for our investors. This means we take into account a number of factors to ensure we are focused on value-add renovations to re-sell or rent our properties in a timely fashion.


Using our pre-invest models as a baseline, we reevaluate based on prevailing market conditions and craft a value-add monetization strategy for our investors once the property emerges from the renovation stage.

How It Works

HilArk allows investors to gain exposure to opportunistic real estate investments at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to independently invest.

HilArk’s primary strategy is to invest in special situations in Single Family Flipping, Residential Multi Family, and Commercial Multi Family Real Estate. This includes homes or apartment complexes that are priced below fair market value due to unique circumstances such as liens and foreclosures. 

Once a property is identified using our predefined selection criteria, HilArk will then acquire and renovate the property with the end goal of reselling or converting it into an income-producing asset.

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We identify investment opportunities that maximize your time and monetary expenditures. 


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